Wars Last Goodbyes - Update

As some of you who have been in contact or have at any time read my blog here on Wars Last Goodbyes, I have been trying to research some of the personal commemorations to those lost to war and write their stories. Its been a privilege and enormously worthwhile. And for those whose lives ended at war - for me it became a chance to write about them as an individual, not merely a servant of war, of duty. Their lives, their families, their bravery, their action.

As time went on, and I went once more out into the field and did more research, it has become clear that to do the best for these pieces of family and military commemoration, for these men and women, that I needed a way to get the research online quicker and in more number.

So Wars Last Goodbyes is now something more than a blog - it is a place to record those last goodbyes, for those who search out the truths of social history and family history. It is becoming an index of those final farewells. You can now search on location and surname; and in the last few months, I have worked hard to add as many of the records as I can that I have. It means that records have quadrupled on the site...

In time, I will put additional blogs on the website as time and importance allows, so never fear I will be writing more truths from these last goodbyes. Things which pique my interest or truths which are just too considerable to ignore without a few words from me.

But in the meantime, I hope that this means that more people will be able to find their own Wars Last Goodbyes - from any war, and any place my trails take me... to reveal the truth of life before death.

Jo - Wars Last Goodbyes