Wars Last Goodbyes on PATREON

This project first began as a much smaller remit with a different name and a different outlook and now, well, it has become somewhat bigger and more than I ever thought it could. But the project continues and as the website has a bigger audience, I find myself posing the question that I never thought I would ask. Would anyone support the ongoing project known as Wars Last Goodbyes? Well, here is the opportunity to ask that question?

There are ongoing costs of maintaining a website like this going. There are ongoing costs of continuing the work of collating these memorials and last goodbyes. So if there are any others who have found Wars Last Goodbyes helpful or useful in anyway, please consider supporting the ongoing mission here at Wars Last Goodbyes - you would have my perpetual gratitude and an ongoing link to this project.

If you are interested, please head over to my PATREON page.

Please and thank you for reading and listening. As always.

Jo - Wars Last Goodbyes x