Thornbury South Gloucestershire

Thornbury is a busy town not far from Bristol city but that has retained its own sense of identity. The town still harks back to its past with its architecture and the wonderful church speaks to its associations with the great, the good and the godly from years gone by.

Thornbury Cemetery is set slightly away from the town, but here too, lie the memorials to those lost to those who fell during the wars.

Sidney Joseph Lewis

Sidney Joseph Lewis has not been forgotten it seems. His name lies on Falfield War Memorial in South Gloucestershire. It also lies on Clevedon All Saints Cavalry War Memorial in North East Somerset. But it also is inscribed upon the gravestone of his mother-in-law and father-in-law in Thornbury Cemetery in South Gloucestershire.

Service Number 202936 of the 2nd/4th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment, Sidney was married with family in Falfield and Thornbury in South Gloucestershire.

He was 29 years of age when he died from wounds received in action. It was 13th May 1918. He was buried at Aire Communal Cemetery where the 54th Casualty Clearing Station was situated in 1918.

And with the morn those angel faces smile which I have loved long since and lost awhile

These were the words chosen to be carved upon Sidney's headstone.

But here in Thornbury, his wife and her family remembered him beyond the war. For his name was added after his mother-in-law died in 1918 and his father-in-law's death in 1925.

Also of Sidney J. Lewis, son-in-law of the above who fell in France May 12th 1918 Aged 29 years

Herbert Charles Billett

In loving memory of Private Herbert C. Billett 5th Gloucestershire Regiment Beloved son of Henry and Charlotte Billett who died September 29th 1915 Aged 19 years Gone but not forgotten

There is a rose growing there. His mother's grave, too, although the stone is beginning to crumble and the details slide. But Herbert is one to those who made it home; he is buried here at Thornbury.

Private Herbert Charles Billett served with the 1st Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment. He died on the 29th September 1916 at the Brompton Hospital in London presumably due to wounds received in action or sickness. He was just 19 years old.

George Jones

Henry John Jones died in 1905, a father to several children. He is buried at Thornbury but sadly outlived two of his children. One more of his children has a memorial on his headstone - a son who died in the Great War.

Also of George R. N. his son who died October 7th 1915 aged 43 years

He served on board HMS Victory and this is his official war grave. George was in the reserve having served a full career in a number of ships before retiring. Called up, he was on home service but in October 1915 on returning back to his ship docked in Cardiff late at night, he fell into the water at the dock and drowned.

'Harry' Thomas Henry Clutterbuck

On a memorial stone book, the name of 'Harry' T. H. Clutterbuck is written. He died on April 6th 1917 only 19 years old. It is his official war grave. His parents preceded him on the grave memorial marker but proceeded him in death; his father William in 1923 and Mary in 1948.

Also their son Harry T. H. passed away April 6th 1917 aged 19 years

Thomas Henry Clutterbuck of the 10th Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment died on the 6th April 1917 at the Metropolitan Hospital in London. Harry had been injured several times fighting on the Western Front before he suddenly passed away in hospital.

Reginald William Butt

In loving memory of Reginald W. Butt Royal Flying Corps who entered into rest March 18th 1916 aged 28 years

Reginald was buried here in Thornbury. He was an Air Mechanic 2nd Class in the Royal Flying Corps when he died on March 18th 1916 aged 28 years old. He died at the War Hospital in Croydon after a motor vehicle accident near the aerodrome where he was stationed. His father was a grocer in Thornbury with his roots in Castle Cary in Somerset where he and his wife returned.

There are also other official war graves at Thornbury cemetery including:

Private R. E. Perkins, Royal Warwickshire Regiment 13th November 1918 age 25

Private G. J. Pritchard, Gloucestershire Regiment,5th November 1915 age 29

Private H. H. Penduck, Royal Army Medical Corps, 1st February 1915

Colonel H. C. Thurston, Royal Army Medical Corps, 17th August 1919

These are the men who never returned from the Great War whose memorials lie at Thornbury in South Gloucestershire:

Private Sidney Joseph Lewis

DoB DoD 13th May 1918 age 29

202936 2nd/4th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment

Buried: Aire Communal Cemetery, France

Private Herbert Charles Billett

DoB 1897 Buckover, Falfield, Gloucestershire DoD Brompton Hospital, London September 25th 1915 age 19

2066 1st Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment

Buried: Thornbury Cemetery, Gloucestershire

Air Mechanic 2nd Class Reginald William Butt

DoB 1888 Castle Cary, Thornbury DoD 18th March 1916 War Hospital, Croydon, Surrey

11522 Royal Flying Corps

Buried: Thornbury Cemetery, Gloucestershire

Able Seaman George Jones

DoB 20th June 1870 Thornbury, Gloucestershire DoD 7th October 1915 age 43

134970 HMS Victory Royal Navy

Buried: Thornbury Cemetery, Gloucestershire

'Harry' Thomas Henry Clutterbuck

DoB 1897 Thornbury, Gloucestershire DoD 6th April 1917 Metropolitan Hospital, London age 19

23820 10th Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

Also served as: 3223 Army Cyclist Corps

Buried: Thornbury Cemetery, Gloucestershire