The words of a young Lance Corporal - Gilbert Thomas Richardson Pettigrew Part 5

I hope that you have been reading on with Gilbert as he reveals his war through letters written back home, most notably to the Mayor of Warwick. His next news comes after a bit of gap. A month. But we find Gilbert removed from the front line. As always, Gilbert's words tell all...

I have stopped a German high explosive, and my head still tingles.

I caught it on my head and back but the wounds are not particularly dangerous. You can bet your boots they are numerous (about twenty) and painful.

Time cures all ills, however, but the trouble is it won't be hurried.

I was in the front line of trenches, which had been captured and recaptured times innumerable. A couple of days before I got hit, the Germans used liquid fire and followed up with an awful bombardment. They took the trench and held it for almost ten minutes. Then our guns spoke, and trench and Germans were blown to bits.

I got hit last Tuesday and I have been trying to realise what happened.

Lance Corporal Gilbert Pettigrew, 5th King's Shropshire Light Infantry was badly wounded and was in hospital in Rouen, northern France. Reports at the time suggested he was near Hooge in Belgium.

Warwick and Warwickshire Advertiser 14 August 1915 page 8