Bromsberrow Gloucestershire

It stands almost alone. St Mary the Virgin Church of Bromsberrow in Gloucestershire. The sheep stand in distant alarm whilst their lambs scream in real alarm. It feels like this place exists beyond the reach of time that years could pass and the place would still be just the same.

Martin 'Toby' Chicheley Albright

Toby or Martin Chicheley Albright is memorialised on the plaque inside the church designed for his mother Isabella Margaret Albright who died in 1927. A Major for the Queen’s Own Worcestershire Hussars (Worcestershire Yeomanry).

He was 31 years old when he was killed, dying from his wounds, received at the infamous Charge of Huj in Palestine on November 8th 1917; buried in Gaza War Cemetery. He was married to Barbara Strickland and lived at Apperley Court near Tewkesbury. The Albright family hailed from Bromesberrow Place.

Toby took part in the infamous mounted charge, sabres held aloft. His memory now held aloft in the church where time forgot.