About Wars Last Goodbyes Daisies

Hi there, my name is Jo. Welcome to Wars Last Goodbyes.

With a heavy heart, I have had to add this to the website. Due to the presence of individuals using this website and then copying vast tracts of it onto other websites including well-known corporate genealogy websites, I am now including this:

For anyone who wishes to use any information, copy any information or link to this website in any way, you must contact me to gain my permission. This includes the use of photographs and writing. 

I had a simple wish to bring to life the memorials left by families to relatives or interested people - my website will become redundant if unscrupulous and unthinking individuals just copy my entire blogs on to other websites. My website will cease to have a purpose.

If individuals continue to do this, I will be forced in to controlling the amount of information on this website and/or considering its future. Thereby limiting access for others in the future.

The words and photos I share on Wars Last Goodbyes are not designed to be blatantly copied without being referenced properly and without asking my permission. I spend hours, days and weeks working on this without funding and in my spare time, if people continue to copy without my permission, this website will change.

So if you wish to reference my website, link to it from your own website or copy from it including the photographs, you must seek my permission. All material on this website is copyright protected.

Jo - Wars Last Goodbyes