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Milton Cemetery Weston-super-Mare

Milton Cemetery Weston-super-Mare

North Somerset


Also of our dearly loved son

Alan George

Killed in France July 7th 1944 Aged 24 years

Buried at Rom Deux Sevres

Treasured memories ...


Alan George


Second World War




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1st Special Air Service Regiment

B Squadron

4th Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment

25th January 1920

Balby, Doncaster, Yorkshire

7th July 1944


Executed by the Germans in the Saint-Sauvant Forest, Rom, Deux-Sevres near Poitiers - part of 31 SAS men and an American airman taken prisoner on the 3rd July 1944 in the same area and then summarily killed and buried anonymously

Rom Communal Cemetery, Deux-Sevres, France

B Squadron 1st SAS had been parachuted into the area as part of Operation Bulbasket - their job was to slow the German response to the D-Day landings in Normandy - holding up vital supplies, targetting trainlines and being a nuisance. Their presence in the forest was given away by local informants - they were rounded up, held for a few days before their execution - 3 SAS men who were in hospital were euthanised - the rest were taken to the forest and killed. Their remains were discovered late 1944 and identified. They were buried together in Rom. One officer Lieutenant Tomos Stephens was beaten to death with a rifle butt in their arrest - he is buried in the nearby Verrieres Cemetery. They should have been taken POW but were executed because of their commando status. In Rom, the 31 SAS boys and the American pilot lie together with a special memorial to the three comrades whose bodies were never found after their execution in hospital. Members of the French Resistance were also executed.

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